Business Development

Head of Product Strategy and Partnerships

Ra'anana, Center District   |   Full time

Job Role:

Join a very small and dedicated team building a new disruptive ad measurement and verification product for mobile. 

Bring leadership to the business side of this project, covering Product Marketing, Marketing and Business Development.

Until now we have been busy building the technology. Now we're starting to build the business.

Be responsible for the first $1 we make. Help us grow to $1M.


1. Full responsibility for the business aspects of the product.

2. Work closely with CEO and CTO to create the joint strategy for product, sales and marketing.

3. Develop partnerships with advertisers, publishers, DSPs and SSPs.

4. Produce marketing and sales material.


1. Seasoned in Product, Marketing and Business Development.

2. At least 4 years experiences in ad-tech, specifically in the mobile ecosystem.

3. Spoken and written English at a very high level.

4. Advantage - past experience with mobile SDK products.

5. Advantage - familiar with the mobile user acquisition use-case.

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